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Day one March 21 2010

You are probably wondering how we got here.
My name is Al Salopek some of you know me as Bizaare Al from Bizaare Ave Cafe.
Well I must still be Bizaare because I just started a non-profit org called Bee Understanding . Org; which I set up to bring awareness to the problems Bees are having in our over developed fast paced human environment.
Please keep in mind this is day one and I am a foundation of 2 people it can only get better from here.
I am a backyard Beekeeper with 14 hives and growing, I have saved hives from being destroyed in peoples yards and houses and have given them a place to call home in my backyard and friends yards. I have talked to children to help them understand why we need bees and have mentored people in how to keep bees in their backyard. 
People don't realize that honey bees are losing places to call home because people, cities and states don't want bees near people because they might get stung so they kill them.
If you eliminate bees from every yard, every park, near shopping centers, close to sidewalks, next to roads and everywhere in between you now have a problem. Bees account for 30 percent of the food we eat, the last I knew we need food to survive.
Please google honey bees disappearing and read about CCD colony collapse disorder, its about habitat, pesticides, disease, and stress bees are under. 
Again this is day one and only the beginning and you can help even if you don't like bees because I know you like chocolate , almonds, melons, apples, blueberries and one out of every 3 bites of food you eat. 

You can help by:

1)  Telling someone about what I doing
2) Putting a hive in your backyard or planting bee friendly plants
3) Sponsoring a hive or donating equipment
4) Posting about whats going on in our environment
5) Sending great links to me that you find
6) Or simply pledge money ( being a newly formed 501c3 we can use all the help we can get)

Bee Understanding